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The Pottery Journal

Nov 16 2012

Little frogs and toads and newts are waiting, on my work table, to get their eyes glazed black. I'm an optometrist of clay. After dinner, maybe. Luckily, clay animals are quiet and patient patients.






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the pottery journal

Nov 14 2012
I finished decorating the canister set and unloaded the electric kiln with all the bisqueware. Tomorrow the jars go in. Must remember to call the propane company so next week I'll have enough for a glaze firing. slowly, slowly, I'm getting back on schedule. tonight--the woodstove feels pretty good.
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The pottery journal

Nov 13 2012

It feels great to have a quiet day in the workshop.  I'm trying to get a set of porcelain canisters decorated in time to fire tuesday of next week, with the rest of the ware already in the kiln.  I did some sketches of palm trees while I was in Florida and using them as a decorative band.  It's more time-consuming than I thought--but isn't everything? 

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