Phinney Pottery - Stoneware, Porcelain, Pottery, Clay Sculptures from Haydenville MA

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Baby's Cup and Bowl
This is a sample of the porcelain baby sets I make. I impress the animal designs into the wet clay, then refine them by carving. I glaze them in a fluid lead-free glaze, blue as shown, or green, yellow or deep cherry pink. I have carved many animal stamps to use: cats, elephants, horses, dragons, dinosaurs, dolphins, and more. Contact me to see what colors are currently available in which designs. Shipping charges are extra.
Reference: 8198

Size: 6'' wide bowl, less than 2"high; cup about 2" high

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• baby sets
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• GARDEN SCULPTURE: birdbaths, punflowers, stoneware animals
• LAMPS and night lights, lanterns, and sconces.
• FUNCTIONAL: mugs, bowls, pitchers, dinnerware and more.
• MINIATURES and netsukes
• FUNCTIONAL but also funny

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